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Menopause affects hundreds of thousands of women all over the world. Literary it means the end of periods. But menopause is a very complex condition that every woman faces at some time or other in her life. Menopause symptoms can be very different starting with hot flashes, night sweats and headaches, and ending with vaginal dryness, muscle pain and irritation. Lets consider the most common of them.
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All women enter menopause at this or that age irrespective of the culture and place on the globe. In some countries menopause usually starts at the age of 40 or earlier, in other places women enter menopause when they are in their 50s. In general, menopause is looked upon as a rather difficult transitional period associated insomnia, sweating, nervous strains, vaginal dryness, overall irritation, etc.
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This time we will talk about interrelation between menopause and the brain.

The female brain depends greatly on sex. But it would be better to and more correct to say, that without sex hormones the brain will grow old earlier. It is well-known and statistically proved, that women more often than men fall victims of senile aphrenia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. As a matter of fact, we got use to explain it empirically: this difference is the price for longer lifetime of women. This rule works more often in case with women of about 80 years, widows or lonely women, which usually have neither public nor cultural interests that help to train the brain.
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American scientists have established, that during the period of menopause, when there is a decrease estrogen level, obesity and a hypertension can also develop.
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Normally, when we think about menopause, we think of natural things such as retirement, grandchildren, and sunset cruises to celebrate our golden years. However, there is a small percentage of women who experience an early menopause symptom well before reaching their fifties.
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Well, in case of premature menopause there may be a significant change in hormone levels and their correlation. As a matter of fact, when women enter menopause phase their estrogen levels reduce, as well as collagen production. As you probably know, collagen, the main protein in mammals, making up about twenty five percent of the total protein content, is responsible for keeping the skin toned, elastic and fresh. Accordingly, your skin gets dry, peeling, thin and scaly, and loses its fresh and youthful look, when you start running low on collagen. Naturally, you will inevitably feel older. And as far as it happens prematurely, you start feeling older before your time. Moreover, it is supposed that premature menopause leads to more rapid collagen loss than menopause that occurs at the normal age. Thus, this type of early menopause symptoms is one of the most noticeable and deplorable.
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Hot flashes and sweating are typical symptoms of menopause: more than 90 percent of women have these symptoms when they become menopausal. The same thing is with early menopause, but in this case hot flashes and sweating are even more common.
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Irregular periods are also considered to be one of the basic early menopause symptoms. They occur because your hormones are erratic in the initial phases of early menopause. Here several typical cases are possible:
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Infertility and early menopause symptomsInfertility or inability to conceive a child is considered to be one of the major symptoms of early menopause and its most deplorable cause at the same time. Menopausal women are infertile because their ovaries don’t produce eggs anymore. Though a woman may have her periods and everything may seem to be perfect, she can’t can’t get pregnant anyway. That is why a great many women learn that they are entering early menopause only when they go to the doctor to determine why they’re not getting pregnant. So their infertility turns out to be an early menopause symptom. When it comes to infertility problems your doctor gives you a special test to determine the levels of FSH (follicle stimulating hormone) and LH (luteinizing hormone).
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Early menopause symptomsEarly menopause symptoms are not different from that of common menopause. Generally, women suffer from headaches, insomnia, night sweats, hot flashes, and joint pain. Body shape changes are also quite evident: women often put on weight around the abdomen. In fact, during early menopause there is fluctuation of hormones in the body that triggers early menopause symptoms. Thus, menopausal women can experience anxiety, depression, forgetfulness, emotional ups and downs. Due to the reason that early menopause is often caused by disease, surgery, or genetic factors, there is a rapid decline in the amount of estrogen in the woman’s body. Such “estrogen crash” can also cause extreme hot flashes, fatigue, mood swings. The majority of early menopausal women who experience surgical menopause commonly have a number of menopause symptoms in quick succession. They often complain of their severeness and long duration (more than eight years).
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