Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

Hormone therapy was once the most popular option for menopausal women. It was widely practiced to relieve menopause symptoms. It was advised and recommended. But nevertheless, more and more women were getting conscious about hazards that this kind of treatment poses and came to conclusion that hormone replacement therapy isn’t the best method to resolve to. It turns out that there are a great deal of options to treat symptoms of menopause. And natural and herbal treatment seems to become the most popular at present time. It happens because herbal remedies are considered to be quite effective in treating menopause and because they have little or no side effects at all.

There are 2 main types of herbs that can be used as menopause remedies – non estrogenic and phytoestrogen. Non estrogenic herbs don’t help to produce estrogens in the woman’s organism. What they really do is nurturing the hormonal glands, so the latter start to produce estrogenes in more quantity. So non estrogenic herbal remedies help the body produce natural hormones.

Phytoestrogen herbs have estrogenic properties so that they produce additional estrogens in the body of a menopauseal woman. Among those herbs are black cohosh and dong quai. Nevertheless, phytoestrogen herbs are not the best option for treating menopause. Because if a menopause woman takes something that’s already increasing the production of estrogen, her body might decrease its own natural production of it. So in the end of it there will be a general decline of hormones in the organism.

So if you are looking for a safe menopause treatment that has almost no side effects, consider taking the non estrogenic herbs. Though it can take much more time before first results will become evident (in comparison with traditional over the counter drugs and phytoestrogen herbs), they are really safer, cheaper and quite reliable.

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ozorganics said, September 12th, 2008 at 9:27 pm

I wonder whether you actually read the content of your web pages, or if you just copy and paste the articles. You go to lengths to talk about the dangers of HRT and herbs that are estrogenic – and then go on to recommend the much safer option of using non-estrogenic herbs. Then at the bottom of the page you are trying to sell Menozac- a concoction of herbs for menopause that is full of the very same herbs (estrogenic) that you just warned people from taking, in the preceeding paragraph. Do you know what you are talking about? The dangers of taking estrogenic herbs for women with breast cancer is very high and will have serious consequeneces, you should be careful about the info you are touting

menopausal woman said, January 8th, 2010 at 2:49 pm

Not exactly that I read these pages (I certainly do) but I thoughtfully write the content of this website. I understand your resentment and it’s clear to me that you are very particular about finding the right solution.

Well, I never considered HRT, estrogenic and non-estrogenic herbs in one article and I’ve never been too much dissuasive as regards soy and other estrogenic plants. On the contrary, Menozac, the natural menopause treatment containing them, turns out to be far more preferable in comparison with HRT in terms of safety and with non-estrogenic herbs in terms of efficiency. It’s a kind of golden middle.

As for breast cancer, it’s clearly stated that in case of estrogenic plants breast cancer rates are significantly lower in contrast to HRT. You will really want to learn more about it here.

You probably didn’t like the article because of its advertising character. Well, it’s your right. Menozac is considered to be one of the best menopause treatments on the market. And, yes, we do sell it through our website. And there are many women that have found Menozac to be the perfect solution for them. Just check out the testimonials.

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