Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

This time we will talk about interrelation between menopause and the brain.

The female brain depends greatly on sex. But it would be better to and more correct to say, that without sex hormones the brain will grow old earlier. It is well-known and statistically proved, that women more often than men fall victims of senile aphrenia, Parkinson’s disease and Alzheimer’s disease. As a matter of fact, we got use to explain it empirically: this difference is the price for longer lifetime of women. This rule works more often in case with women of about 80 years, widows or lonely women, which usually have neither public nor cultural interests that help to train the brain.

And what about menopause and menopause symptoms then? Until now menopause was connected with psychosocial palindromias, but never with the real causes of menopause. However now more and more doctors and scholars believe that estrogens (female hormones produces by ovaries) play a decisive role in development of the brain and good health maintenance. Researches prove this assumption.

A group of scientists carried out a large epidemiological research with participation of 4600 women. The main results are the following: first, the earlier estrogens stop to be produced, the greater is the risk of neurodegenerative diseases; second, replacement therapy to protect the brain is reasonable and important at the age of 50-55. Of course it’s the matter of risk-and-favor balance, as replacement therapy has serious side effects concerning cardiovascular system and tumors in females. In other word, replacement therapy of women after 60 can promote occurrence of other pathologies and cancel positive influence of estrogens on neurons. Replacement therapy is necessary, first of all, for protection of the brain in the age from 50 till 55 in case of ovariectomy. It is important even for those women who have only one ovary, but who haven’t entered menopause yet.

Now let’s have a look, whether it concerns women that are healthy from the hormonal point of view. The thing is that with menopausal women after 60 replacement therapy may not have any positive effect. Even in spite of the fact that new hormonal cocktails in more “reasonable” dosages became safer. As for side effect, they may become more evident. So take it into account.

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