Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

American scientists have established, that during the period of menopause, when there is a decrease estrogen level, obesity and a hypertension can also develop.

In the opinion of experts, the hormone estrogen protects women from heart diseases. But during the period of menopause its level in blood drops considerably and, thus, the heart loses reliable protection.

Experiments on rats have shown, that in case of significant falling of the level of estrogen in their body their blood pressure gets higher and obesity develops. And in case of their ovaries removed high blood pressure and a weight gain were observed even more appreciably. All this has allowed to draw a conclusion, that the increase of blood pressure results in increase in weight. But, as soon as estrogen was added to those experimental rats, their weight gain slowed down and blood pressure decreased as well.

This investigation will definitely help to develop new methods of treatment of postmenopausal hypertension.

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