Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

Normally, when we think about menopause, we think of natural things such as retirement, grandchildren, and sunset cruises to celebrate our golden years. However, there is a small percentage of women who experience an early menopause symptom well before reaching their fifties.

Experiencing an early menopause symptom can be highly discouraging. Women have normal expectations that their body will do what we were told they would do, and when the systems act out of the norm of what is expected it can catch a woman off guard and bring all sorts of concerns about her health to the forefront.

More women experience an early menopause symptom than originally considered. Before it was treated as an odd ailment, it is now becoming an ever-increasing issue.

There is ample speculation when it comes to the issue, everything from environmental factors to the hormones now injected into foods. Whatever the reason, experiencing an early menopause symptom is no longer an issue that befuddles physicians.

An early menopause symptom can sometimes feel like you are experiencing a low blood sugar issue. It can also come as irregular periods, ringing in the head (also known as electric shock sensation), weight gain, night sweats, hot flashes, dry or itchy skin sometimes accompanied by acne, issues with bladder control, sleep issues, mild hair loss, increased facial hair, and soreness of the joints or muscles.

Of course, there are other symptoms that affect the emotions of a woman experiencing pre-menopausal issues. Irritability, anxiety, brain fog, memory and concentration issues, emotional detachment, and serious fatigue and lack of energy can all blindside a woman, especially when she is not anticipating the onset of menopause. Emotional issues can be just as confusing as the physical symptoms.

Women have had to fight hard to gain equality in the world and when unexpected emotional factors create difficulties and throw an otherwise competent woman off her track.

An early menopause symptom can mimic a variety of conditions and ailments. Low blood sugar, chronic fatigue syndrome, and even “a flu that just will not go away,” are just a few examples of the possible misdiagnosed ailments.

Women often have to be proactive in their own diagnosis and their own test options when talking about their health concerns with their physicians. Women who suspect they are experiencing a sign of early menopause are often right.

There are a number of treatment options for early menopause. Hormone replacement therapies and herbal remedies as well as soy therapies. Herbal remedies can be used instead of hormone replacement therapy or in conjunction with it.

While hormone replacement therapy is normally designed to combat the possible risks of early menopause, such as heart disease and osteoporosis, it does not always take care of the night sweats, hot flashes, and other physical and emotional symptoms in their entirety. An herbal remedy for menopause can help offset the issues that hormone replacement therapy cannot be relied upon solely to correct.

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