Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

If you think that you have menopause symptoms, you take into consideration and do these things:

Ask for support. Talking to other women you get to know different signs and symptoms of menopause and gather information about the doctors, which they like and recommend as good professionals. You will be prepared in case of early menopause causes. Moreover, communication with other women won’t let you feel alone and helpless.

Find a good doctor. Menopause causes a lot of changes in the organism, that’s why woman has to seek the answers to many questions, for example, estrogen substitutive therapy. It’s necessary to find a good doctor that will cooperate with you.

Choose a tutoress. Find a woman 10-15 years older than you, that has already gone through menopause trials and that you hold in high respect. Discuss your problems with her, it will help you to get past the point.

Prevent vaginal dryness. Decreasing estrogen level can lead to vaginal dryness. Vagina walls grow thinner and less elastic, lose their moistening ability. Sex can become painful and even unwanted. You can avoid it by using water lubricants. Don’t use oil lubricants, they dissolve in vagina badly and can cause infections.

Stay sexually active. It’s a proven fact, that women leading active sexual life have fewer changes in vagina in comparison with women that are not active. Sex intensifies blood circulation in vagina and promotes its moistening.

Keep your apartment cool. Hot flashes during menopause can occur with different intensity – from feeling of inner warmth to unpleasant heat sensations, when woman turns red and sweats overly. In these cases it’s recommended to wear multiply clothes and keep coolness in the rooms. Don’t take too many hot drinks and spicy flavourings, as they can provoke hot flashes in case of menopause symptoms.

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