Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

You can’t avoid menopause. But there are things you can do now to ease this period in future. Menopause shouldn’t become a period of a trial for you and make you feel and look old. Here are several tips for you to consider.

Do physical exercises. It’s the one of the best ways to stay healthy and young. Physical exercises make your bones strong and solid. Specialists advise to walk and run more often.

Eat properly. Restrict yourself to a diet with a low content of saturated fat. It will help you to decrease cholesterol level and will protect you from heart diseases.

Watch over the changes of premenstrual syndrome. If you have premenstrual syndrome, you should know its symptoms and watch its changes. Sometimes syndrome signs take an acute form before menopause beginning, they can be a warning signal. If you notice prolongation of symptoms or a strange new sensation in your head, you should tell it to your doctor.

Give up smoking. If you stop smoking quite early, menopause will be taking its normal course and its symptoms will appear more rarely. Doctors suppose that menopause can begin with smoking women earlier because nicotine causes diminution of estrogen productiong. If you give up smoking, you can delay menopause a little.

Eat calcium. Loss of bone mass starts already with 35. Later on women lose 1% of bone mass each year. To increase calcium level in your organism you should enrich your ration with fatless diary produce and canned fist with bones. One portion of fatless milk contains 203 mg calcium, one portion of fatless yogurt – 415 mg.

Check your cholesterol level.
Talk to your mother. Women copy their mothers in many respects, especially if they inherited their illnesses. Ask your mother, when her menopause began and how it proceeded.

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