Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

Well, in case of premature menopause there may be a significant change in hormone levels and their correlation. As a matter of fact, when women enter menopause phase their estrogen levels reduce, as well as collagen production. As you probably know, collagen, the main protein in mammals, making up about twenty five percent of the total protein content, is responsible for keeping the skin toned, elastic and fresh. Accordingly, your skin gets dry, peeling, thin and scaly, and loses its fresh and youthful look, when you start running low on collagen. Naturally, you will inevitably feel older. And as far as it happens prematurely, you start feeling older before your time. Moreover, it is supposed that premature menopause leads to more rapid collagen loss than menopause that occurs at the normal age. Thus, this type of early menopause symptoms is one of the most noticeable and deplorable.

But it’s not a dead matter and there are some ways to cope with unfavorable changes in your skin. As far as it happens because of low estrogen levels, when you increase your estrogen levels there will be an evident improvement. You can do it either through HRT or phytoestrogens like soy or flaxseed. You can also use moisturizers. Of course the effect of them is short-term, still they can conceal these early menopause symptoms by temporarily plumping up the top layer of the skin. As you might already noticed there are dozens of collagen-enriched creams on the market, but you should bear in mind that collagen must come from within to serve your skin right in the long-term period.

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