Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

Hot flashes and sweating are typical symptoms of menopause: more than 90 percent of women have these symptoms when they become menopausal. The same thing is with early menopause, but in this case hot flashes and sweating are even more common.

Early menopausal women describe hot flashes as prickly, sharp and hot feelings somewhere in the middle of the back. The pulse jumps up and the temperature rises up to several degrees. The heat spreads over the body and envelops the back, chest, neck, face and scalp. The skin feels hot like you’ve been sunbathing for a long time. Your body starts sweating trying to cool itself down. The face, neck and chest may turn pink or even red. The heat is often subsequently interchanged by chill and shivering. Hot flashes and sweating occur during the days time and at night, what causes a woman even more trouble and discomfort.

But there are certain methods to cope with these typical early menopause symptoms. They can be reduced by herbs, vitamins, natural supplements and other traditional methods. There are also some simple tips that you can take into account while striving against hot flashes and sweating. Here they are:

– Reduce the amount of caffeine, alcohol and spicery that you consume;
– Wear clothes of natural fibers, loose-fittings and that are well-layered;
– Try to cope with stress by relaxation and meditation;
– Do physical exercises;
– It is highly recommended to have cold water by your bed in order to be ready to drink it at the first sign of hot flashes and sweating. You can also splash cold water on your face or wrists. You should stay cool. It’s good to use cotton sheets and cotton nightclothes.
– Cover yourself with layers while sleeping, so that you can kick off extra bed layers when you start flashing and sweating. You should also be prepared to replace moist covers when chill and shivering start.

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Nr. 1, ana said, January 31st, 2008 at 1:10 pm

I am 28 and i have hot falshes and I am scaer this will get me on have cancer what can I do

Michal said, April 20th, 2008 at 4:47 pm

Hot flashes are basically the body’s way of cooling itself off, and they can last anywhere from just a few seconds to an hour or more.

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