Menopause Symptoms

A comprehensive guide to menopause symptoms, causes and remedies

Early or premature menopause is a difficult period of young woman’s life. When early menopause symptoms occur it is quite frustrating both psychologically and physiologically. As everything goes according to the cause-and-effect law, a young woman should probably know why it all happens to her. Well, there are certain causes of early or premature menopause, but in many cases it is quite difficult to determine them. We may classify the most common of them into several categories. Among them there are:

– Premature ovarian failure causes,
– Surgical early menopause causes,
– Chemical early menopause causes,
– Infectious early menopause causes.

Let’s consider them in succession.

Early menopause symptomsPremature ovarian failure causes.
Premature ovarian failure is also known as naturally-occurring premature menopause. Women with POV have ovaries that either they stop producing eggs or no longer produce the hormones needed to ovulate. Premature ovarian failure occurs for a variety of causes. One of them is autoimmune disorder when body’s immune system mistakenly attacks itself. In this case the body senses part of itself as an invader and sends out antibodies to destroy the threat. Thus, antibodies may attack the reproductive system and destroy ovarian function. According to recent studies, up to two-thirds of women with POF have it because of the autoimmune disorder. Also, premature ovarian failure may be caused by a hereditary defect of one of the two X chromosomes that interferes with the production of eggs. One more genetically caused early menopause cause is Turner’s syndrome, when a woman is born without a second X chromosome or a part of it. Thereafter ovaries can’t develop properly. The cases when a woman has three X chromosomes also lead to premature ovarian failure. Finally, some women are born with very few eggs what causes the occurrence or early menopause symptoms years before it should happen.

Surgical early menopause causes.
They presuppose specific health reasons that make a woman take a conscious decision to “enter menopause or die”. For example, women suffering from endometriosis, polyps, or ovarian cancer consciously take a decision about removal of both of the ovaries (that is called a bilateral oophorectomy) or removal of the uterus, both fallopian tubes, and both ovaries (a total hysterectomy). These surgeries cut off ovarian function and cause estrogen levels to drop suddenly and, consequently, force a woman into menopause.

Chemical early menopause causes.
Also menopause can be caused by chemotherapy or radiation cancer treatments. Chemotherapy and radiation kill cancer as well as healthy cells. Hair cells, digestive cells, and ovarian cells are particularly sensitive to such treatments and can be damaged. Usually in case of short term chemo or radiation therapy, a woman may experience temporary menopause. But some women still remain infertile (even when periods return), some enter menopause permanently.

Infectious early menopause causes.
Early menopause can also be caused by infections such as the mumps and tuberculosis as they can spread to the ovaries and infect them. Moreover, in case of pregnancy a viral infection can affect ovarian development of the child, causing her to be born with lower number of eggs. Consequently, such woman will run out of eggs more quickly and reveal early menopause symptoms.

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The first time i missed a period, I was 27 and I rushed out immediately to CVS and bought a pregnancy test. When the first one came back all clear, I wasn’t convinced – so I bought another and another until I used every brand they had. Then December rolled around and everything was back to normal. I’m still getting my period – although very inconsistent – and I think that I may be going through premature menopause. My question is, what kind of testing/treatments are available for this type of thing?

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